This page was updated on May 25, 2018 and reflects current rates through October 2018.

Reiki treatments and Energy work

1 hour sessions: $65.00

1.5 hour sessions: $90.00

Workshops and Events

Meditation Group: TBD

  • The length of meditation session and weather or not it will be a guided session or not will be listed with the event. No meditation groups are currently scheduled, but when they are the dates will be listed here! They will likely be scheduled for Friday mornings.

Full Moon Gathering: TBD

  • Gather together with like minded individuals for a guided meditation under the full moon! Set your intentions to let go of what no longer serves you and invite in new experiences that light you up and bring you peace. There are no gatherings scheduled at the moment, but when they are they will be listed here and in the calendar below.

Kintsugi Vase Gathering: TBD  

  • Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery and highlighting the cracks with gold enamel. This workshop will be a process of letting go and embracing our shadows. We all have shadows, the act of embracing them helps to release us from self judgement and self sabotage. Learning to love and celebrate our cracks is an act of self acceptance and self love. We are whole when we accept all of who we are. In this workshop you will be provided with a vase, epoxy and gold enamel. You will choose your vase from a variety of wheel thrown pottery. I will walk you through a guided meditation where you will set your intentions for the workshop. Participants will break their pot in a pillowcase, and we will repair the pottery. When the glue dries we will use gold enamel to highlight the cracks. Please note, this workshop can only be held outside so it will be weather dependent. The vapors of the epoxy and enamel can be irritating, especially if you are sensitive to such things.