Earth, fire, water, air - pure alchemy. I am a mother, maker and artist drawing on the elements of nature to create pieces which ignite a feeling of joy for their users. I make large and small ceramic vessels which are inspired by gemstones and the ocean. The dishes fuse stained glass, 22k gold, resin and stoneware clay into a food safe piece which can be used for display, spices, rings, or whatever your heart desires. I also make vessels with slip painted animals and words meant to enrich and inspire others lives.

I have been working in clay on an off my whole life beginning in grade school. I was always drawn to the feeling of the earth in my hands and has I grew older I fell more and more in love with it. I love how clay can be transformed with water, air, fire and the spirit of ones creativity - all of the elements come in to play. I love how it can blow up after hours of work, reminding you on and on that what you love most about it is the process of making. Im not gonna lie - its a hard day when the work blows up, but its all part of doing the work. A lesson in detachment at its finest. Gulp.

My process is simple: I show up, get my hands dirty, and follow the inspiration as it ebbs and flows. Trusting the twists and turns, having faith in the outcome without expectation, and taking each day as it comes. Sometimes I know exactly what I am doing, sometimes I have absolutely no idea. No matter what, I feel a spark of joy in my heart every time I open the kiln -- people can feel that -- and thats how I know its good work.